Helping “Main Street” small businesses reach their five year anniversary and achieve long-term sustainability


“Main Street” businesses fuel the world economy.

Unfortunately, too many small businesses that start with high hopes don’t work out. EntreDot helps entrepreneurs “connect the dots” en route to achieving their 5 year business anniversary and long-term sustainability. Whether a startup founder, or a small business owner, you will benefit from time tested best practices and individualized mentoring.

Business owners need connection to resources.

Main Street businesses feature many women business owners, as well as minority and disadvantaged businesses who often lack access to the resources we have to offer. With clearly defined steps to success, including a progression from pursuit of an idea to pursuit of a model that will employ others, we are able to serve business owners in every phase from launch to reboot.

Collaboration and guidance are key.

An explorer of an idea for a new business needs a peer group and a guide to share what lies ahead in the effort to commercialize the idea into a solid business enterprise. As a result of receiving personalized mentoring, key introductions, and promotional help, a small business pioneer launches a sustainable organization that will stand the test of time.

Your success benefits us all.

Your small business will help build local character and prosperity, contribute to the well-being of the community, create more jobs and provide better wages, spark more innovation and entrepreneurship and bring a wide range of products to the marketplace. You are the bedrock of our national and world economy and we want to help you become more successful in developing your idea(s) into profitable small businesses!

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