The mission of EntreDot is to help entrepreneurs create, launch and operate their businesses by providing professional mentoring and business education programs that maximize the opportunity for success, resulting in incremental economic growth in revenue and jobs.

What We Do

Work with entrepreneurs at any point of business maturity.

    • Creating a new business idea
    • Establishing a viable business concept
    • Developing a workable business plan
    • Incubating a new business
    • Launching a business
    • Operating and expanding a business

Provide assistance that enables growth.

    • Disciplined business creation process
    • Focused mentoring by local business professionals
    • Improving business discipline through monthly seminars
    • Broadening business perspective through special entrepreneur events
    • Business development programs from ideation to launch and operations


Economic growth for the entire community.

    • Viable businesses that have a greater chance of success
    • Enhanced entrepreneurial skills

Increased revenue and new jobs for the community.